introduction to
getting to grips with priorities for careers work
(pilot version)

careers work has come a long way since the basic
principles were set out, but it could have reached a point
where some of the most pressing issues in its history are
taking critical shape - see if you agree

Careers work can be developed in different directions. All careers workers give high priority to the well-being of individual learners. But careers work also contributes to life in other ways.

Getting clear about this is to think about the purposes for careers work - a policy question. It answers the question ‘why is careers work such a good idea?’.

This is a pilot version of the game. Nonetheless, thinking about the issues it raises will enable you to map the future direction of your work.

How does it work?

The game is for careers workers - considering why this work is important;
You react to 15 issues - it takes a few minutes;

At the end, the game gives you an account of how each of the priorities you identify work out in practice.

Remember, it is a game, it can only point to ideas and raise questions.
If you find the results puzzling or troublesome, talk them through with colleagues or trainers.



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the thinking
behind the game

Conceived and written by Bill Law
Programmed by Chris Bosley

Text: © The Career-learning Network 2004
Program: © Bosley Associates 2004
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