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CPI - moving on from DOTS
a stage-by-stage account of how DOTS became an analysis, not just of coverage, but also of processes and influences in career development - a useful lead-in to the next item in this menu pdf

CPI - three dimensions for effective career planning

a short introduction to the new post-DOTS CPI model for careers work - with workshop activities and signposts to where to get more Café help pdf

Getting what you need from the Career-learning Café

how the Café can help you and your colleagues, clients and students work with the contemporary challenges of careers work and what they can find here pdf

Learning from experience
why we must pay more attention to learning from direct-and-personal experience and what this means in practice pdf

Fewer lists, more stories

what narrative can do for careers work? why it is useful to use and to our clients and students? and how we can best build it into our programmes? pdf

Career-learning narratives - telling, mapping and showing (shorter vs)
brief comparison of narrative frameworks with traditional DOTS frameworks, outlines formats – ‘telling, showing and mapping’ – for conveying narrative insights in curriculum and in face-to-face work (see also below) pdf
Earning respect for Learning
what people value about learning, how they link learning to their lives, what they need from us in enabling them to do that and what we can to do to overcome the serious challenges of that task pdf
What LiRRiC means for careers work
why 'Life-role Relevance in Curriculum' is important, how it gives coherence to all learning for personal and social development and locates that whole at the heart of curriculum, and what we must do about careers education if we are to keep up with policy pdf

Careers education and guidance - out of the box

how society is change and how that influences the way people now learn, why earning credibility and pushing boundaries are key concepts for both contemporary guidance and careers education pdf
Career-learning narratives - telling, showing and mapping (longer vs)
an animated version the earlier title - showing how students and clients learn from the ‘people’, ‘places’, ‘talk’, ‘events’ and ‘meanings’ - all woven into a well-rounded story - using story-board graphics to point to the most useful features of narrative - ‘sequence’, ‘other people’, ‘point-of-view’ and ‘turning points’ pdf
which way
is forward?

mapping how your work now stands - in relation to changing needs, further options for action and emerging priorities for contemporary careers work pdf


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