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Richard Sennett's The Corrosion of Character

an authoritative and powerful account of the corrosive impact of contemporary working life, illustrated with up-to-date accounts of working life, and reviewed, and questioned for what it means for careers work today

Suzy Harris's Careers Education: Contesting Policy and Practice a thoughtful, distinctive and valuable take on the impact of policy on careers work over several decades, and the need - now - for careers workers to take more command of their own language of help
Christchurch University College's Challenging Biographies the review author - a former careers adviser - is in search of new thinking for her work in Connexions, and wondering whether the use of narrative offers any clues to what that might be?
Helen Colley's Mentoring for Social Inclusion - A critical approach to nurturing mentor relationships the book's author - a former careers adviser - investigating why mentoring is a good idea. But also asking whether it does it do all that is claimed? And raising questions about how we get the best from what it can do?
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