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Real people...
...dealing with real issues, ...resolving real dilemmas, ...solving real problems

This section has stories of people, struggling to make sense of their lives - through their work and through their citizenship. One or two are famous. All of their stories are remarkable, sometimes startling. This is not because of any celebrity status, but because - like the rest of us - they are learning how to manage their own lives.

In that sense you will recognise them. Because other people’s stories give us each a clue to our own.


The stories:
> Turning points
- for extended narrative
> Insights - for brief reflections on learning for life
> Music at Café Careers - for where music is work and citizenship

> Review - for an account of narrative-based research

Using narrative material
- practical material
The arguments for using narrative

More people - in biography, case study, and research data - are coming to the Café soon.

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