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management ideas for embedding effective careers work in organisations - such as schools, colleges, careers companies and Connexions

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The Reforming Careers Coordinator

This is where theory becomes practical. But it is also where it becomes radical. The questions are inescapable...

> why is reform now necessary?
> what is happening to career and citizenship in today's communities?
> what does that require of the coordinator?

This account particularly examines how open-learning techniques can help in staff development for local action.

Helping Personal Advisers
Working with Systems

Connexions draws on interests in economic performance, community stability and equal opportunity. Some of these interests are more firmly embedded than others. And, in any event, no system is perfect, some are damaging, all can be improved.

But improvement needs people who can work with ideas about what else might be done. They are, in this sense, not wholly ‘system oriented’ as far as the status quo is concerned.

So what is it like to put yourself in such a position? This research - first carried out with school counsellors - examines the question and applies the answers to the work of personal advisers.

After all, if we are not prepared to entertain the alternatives how on earth are we to appreciate how good Connexions is now – let alone know how much better it might be?

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