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updated 31st March 2010

material on
storyboarding in curriculum
free material, ideas and formats
for bill law’s three-scene storyboarding

three-scene storyboarding is a narrative technique
for finding out 'what's going on?'
and working out 'what can I do about it?'

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handbook - pdf
narratives for learning and research - in curriculum

The handbook extends the underlying ideas in the overview, into curriculum settings.  It takes you into the importance to curriculum of..

  >            getting focused
>            combining curriculum and face-to-face work
>            managing content and process
>            setting learning in its social context
>            working with background cultures
>            engaging partnerships for learning
>            designing schemes
>            making links and being credible
whether or not you use it in curriculum,
examining this material
will help you to understand
how your clients can fully engage with storyboarding
This handbook is useful to curriculum creators, scheme managers and teachers - in all aspects learning for personal-and-social development

other downloads

some aspects of storyboarding can be set up pretty quickly - but there is more to it than that

to realise the potential you can - as and when you need them - call on these various sources for expanding its usefulness


>           narratives in curriculum

>            the introductory scheme-of-work

>            curriculum dynamics in system thinking

>            classroom material


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three-scene storyboarding is wholly owned by
Dr Bill Law at the Career-learning Café

trialing for further development is under way at
The Centre for Guidance Studies and others at The University of Derby



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