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Planning for progression

teaching-and-learning methods, moving from 'getting enough to go on' towards a basis for action in 'knowing how this works'

Developing portfolios

graphic 'profile' material, enabling people to portray career-development experience, ranging from 'listing' to 'narrative' methods

Narratives for well-being
how we can use stories
and why we should
telling of both how we can use stories, and why we should - setting out a full account of storyboarding - emphasising the importance of ‘sequence’, ‘points-of-view’, ‘turning-points’ and ‘change-of-mind’ - looking at ways in which students can usefully reflect on their own experience - signposted so that you can find your way about in your own order - with continuing updates on useful narrative thinking

Using storyboards
narratives for learning and research

setting out the group work and individual process of learning from narrative - a practical manual giving the formats and describing the method - incorporates twelve worked examples showing you and your students-and-clients how it works and why it is useful - also points to uses in evaluation and research
Diagnosing career-learning needs
the thinking behind 'game for career' #1, showing: how it is useful to advisers and coordinators, what the key elements in its design are, and how you can get the most from it for your purposes

'what are we going to do about curriculum?'
Relevance - earning respect for learning

helping design of curriculum which gains credibility through working with life-roles that learners will recognise - by sharpening the relevance of material. Part of a CPI-based project, more of which can be found in 'moving on'
'what are we going to do about curriculum?'
Progression - stepping stones to learning

helping design of curriculum which transforms 'hit-and-run' lessons into coherent schemes of work - by positioning stepping stones to learning and making it more progressive. Part of a CPI-based project, more of which can be found in 'moving on'

'what are we going to do about curriculum?'
Learning outcomes - and their frameworks
helping design of curriculum which gets to grips with a comprehensive range of learning outcomes for careers work - by organising programmes around appropriate learning outcomes, sharpening those outcomes into a usable form and creating schemes to enable learners to reach these outcomes. Part of a CPI-based project, more of which can be found in 'moving on'

which way is forward?
Images, Ideas
and Realities

probing branding, its impact on research and its consequences for our inventiveness - develops the two most persistent metaphors for career-management: 'positioning', as though people are in a race, and 'travelling', as though they are on a journey - shows how images like these frame our thinking, shape our programmes, and can limit our horizons - but also shows how they can expand our horizons for future development
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