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making it work - Connexions and helping-network handouts
Using theory in Connexions 5 pages on: diagnosing career-learning needs, finding a basis for help, the underpinning thinking, and two pages of how to use this thinking in reviewing and responding to what you know of actual learners
Learning needs and networks of help

9 pages on: who are the learners at risk? what are their learning needs in contemporary career development? what sort of provision is still relevant? who is in a position to do what? how can it best be locally organised?

Issues for Connexions

5 pages of provocative quotation on: how well do we know learners? ow well do we work together in helping them? what holds us back? how are we to move on?
Professional action planning 3 pages on: what needs to be taken into account in programme planning? how is a good idea made into a sustainable reality? - a format for thought, team building and action, whether for Connexions or any aspect of careers work
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