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making it work - handouts and handbooks on narrative
Narratives for well-being (storyboarding handbook) telling of both how we can use stories, and why we should - setting out a full account of storyboarding - emphasising the importance of ‘sequence’, ‘points-of-view’, ‘turning-points’ and ‘change-of-mind’ - looking at ways in which students can usefully reflect on their own experience - signposted so that you can find your way about in your own order - with continuing updates on useful narrative thinking
Narrative - covering the story (handout) questions to help learners probe narrative material for careers and citizenship, useful in face-to-face and discussion work
Narrative - learning to learn (handout) questions to help learners learn how to probe for careers and citizenship
Narrative - case study
'Mary' in conversation with her maths teacher about her future plans - useful for illustrating the elements, uses, coverage and other features of narrative material
Narrative - story elements (handout) short analysis of how stories compare to other methods and what the main elements of a useful story are
Narrative - using stories (handout) how learners can use stories to enquire and reflect both on other people's and on their own stories
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